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Klaus Dittrich, Elena Jasper, Karen Dai, Benny Wu, Daniel Lin, Björn Endter, Conrad Ziesch, Benedikt Scholz, Laura Lutz
Insights about the Chinese sports market at ISPO Munich
ISPO Digitize
Tobias Gröber, Tareq Nazlawy, Tony Hawk
ISPO Digitize Pioneers Night with Tony Hawk
Sebastian Buggert
How do buyers tick in 2025? Which customer expectations and requirements will shape future shopping?
ISPO Academy
Alexander Otto, Heiko Johannisson, Jonas Spengler, Stefan Herzog, Hannah Klose
Panel Discussion - Digital Culture
ISPO Academy
Klaus Dittrich, Dr. Oliver Pabst, Alissia Quaintance, Dr. Marcus Meyer, Svenja Walter, Thomas van Schaik, Jennifer Hader
Digital Leadership - Short lectures
ISPO Academy
Pascal Damm, Moritz Kreppel, Thomas H. Rudy, Tim Krieglstein, Nathalie Sonne
Funding and partnerships in SportsTech
Klaus Schwab
Utility and usability as success factors for sports marketing in the digital age

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Expert Interviews
Advice and Insights from Leading Sport and Outdoor Companies and Industry Organisations
Digital Transformation & Future of Retail
Mareike Scholze, Dr. Oliver Pabst, Hernando Moncaleano, , Karsten Hollasch, Matthias Schulte
Panel Discussion during ISPO Munich 2018
Prof. Dr. Karl Peter Fischer
Überblick über die aktuelle Umfrage zur digitalen Reife von Händlern und Herstellern
Sascha Liebhardt
From ‘Shotgun' Marketing with generic content to targeted, relevant and authentic storytelling
Giulio Montemagno, Kristin Hesse
In the midst of a drastic technological change and a change in consumer behaviour
Roland Auschel, Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer
The consumer shows us every day where and how (s)he wants to get inspired, engage and shop.
Jonas Wand
Gesteigerte Transparenz, Effizienz und Geschwindigkeit in der Bekleidungs- und Textilindustrie