ISPO Academy Conference - ISPO Munich 2019

The ISPO Academy Conference at ISPO Munich in 2019 was all about digitization with numerous lectures and discussions on current topics and trends: What does the future of stationary retail look like? Where are development opportunities in the world of digitalization and what are the latest developments in the field of digitalization?

All presentations of the conference can be found here as a package or individually in the media library.

For visitors and exhibitors of ISPO Munich 2019 the lectures are free of charge with the coupon code.


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These webinars are part of the conference

Tobias Gröber, Tareq Nazlawy, Tony Hawk
Klaus Dittrich, Elena Jasper, Karen Dai, Benny Wu, Daniel Lin, Björn Endter, Conrad Ziesch, Benedikt Scholz, Laura Lutz
Alexander Otto, Heiko Johannisson, Jonas Spengler, Stefan Herzog, Hannah Klose
Klaus Dittrich, Dr. Oliver Pabst, Alissia Quaintance, Dr. Marcus Meyer, Svenja Walter, Thomas van Schaik, Jennifer Hader
Pascal Damm, Moritz Kreppel, Thomas H. Rudy, Tim Krieglstein, Nathalie Sonne
Philipp Beck, Marian Homburger
Robert Lindner, José Gonçalves, Srijanani Bhaskar, Ranil Vitarana, Peter Demopoulos
Tim Krieglstein, Nathalie Sonne