ISPO Academy Conference - ISPO Munich 2020

The ISPO Academy Conference at the ISPO Munich in 2020 was dedicated to the overriding theme of the trade show: "Be responsible. Be active. Be creative."  - with numerous lectures and discussions on current topics and trends: What will retail strategies of the future look like? What development opportunities in the world of digitalization still exist? What connections can be explored in between fashion and sport? These and many other questions were examined at the ISPO Academy Conference 2020.

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These webinars are part of the conference

Anny Cardinahl, Stephan Hagenbusch, Andreas Mayer, Niko Schulz, Marc Nylander
Kim Scholze, Anna Rodewald, Julian Lings, Mike Joyce, Frank Lohse, Arne Strate, Frank Henke
Mara Javorovic, Dr. Oliver Pabst, Christian Schneidermeier, Dennis Schröder, Erman Aykurt
Karen Dai, Majka Patuzzi, Ulrich Köhler, Steve Huang, Dr. Teo Pham, Joe Eberling, Ray Sun, Victor Li
Jan Krausmann, Alicia Zörner, Tobias Meyer, Kevin Rodrigues, Wolfgang Mildner