ISPO Munich Online Day 3: Health - Workshops and Masterclasses

Self-optimization, "keeping fit", the increasing attention to one's own body and mind and their performance are very important motivators for the practice of sports.  

We dedicate ourselves holistically to the various facets and factors of sport and consider their influence on mental and physical health. 

Experience the positive meaning that competition can have, get to know new nutrition and training concepts and, together with us, reclassify the term quality of life through exercise.

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These webinars are part of the conference

Dr. Caspar Copetti, Viviane Gut, Urs Weber, Jana Wagner
Josh Rattat, Kaiti Carpenter, Dough Smiley, Urs Weber, Jana Wagner
Andrej Zwer, Birte Fahrbach, Urs Weber, Jana Wagner
Tharushi Ranatunga, Sarojini Nallathamby
Constantin W. Wiesmann
Margo de Lange, Pauline Shepherd, Pippa Goodman