ISPO Re.Start Days

COVID-19 has changed everything. It has hit us all to the core - personally and economically. And it is certain: things will never be the way they used to be. Rules have been rewritten. We need a fresh start!

The ISPO Re.Start Days are the answer to the current challenges of the sports and outdoor industry. CEOs of renowned brands give lectures, athletes inspire with keynotes and industry associations present exclusive studies. In workshops, all participants discuss possible solutions that will lead retailers, brands and suppliers out of the crisis.


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These webinars are part of the conference

Annabelle Mandeng, Klaus Dittrich, Jost Kobusch, Kristina Vogel
Mark Held, Dr. Caspar Copetti, Martin Riebel, Reiner Gerstner, Michael Levi, Dr. Oliver Pabst, Jochen Lagemann
Jost Wiebelhaus, Michael Benner, Richard Thomas, Jan Maurer, Bettina Beringer, Anny Cardinahl
Kevin Mayne, Reto Aeschbacher, Marco Pointner, Dennis Weijers, Gunnar Fehlau
Christof Engl, Markus Hupach, Mathias Boenke, Tobias Gröber
Tobias Gröber, Dr. Jeanette Friedrich, Annabelle Mandeng
Philipp Meister, Peter Schöffel, Melody Harris-Jensbach, Jill Dumain, Kim Scholze
Timo Perschke, Kai Landwehr, Dr. Rüdiger Fox, Dr. Antje von Dewitz, Dr. Katy Stevens
Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl, Ewald Manz
Dr. Stefan Holz, Marco Pesic, Dr. Rainer Koch, Pierre Ducrey, Dominik Klein, Jochen Zimmer
Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, Klaus Dittrich