The five biggest mistakes in marketing of sport-brands

The five biggest mistakes in marketing of sport-brands

In theory any marketing student knows how to play marketing successfully.

Why do even sport- and sport fashion brands often fail in achieving relevant results via marketing communication?

How do leading companies convert users into fans and make their brand desirable?
Hartog analyzes five main mistakes in marketing communication. Furthermore he shows how other brands succeed. He comes up with ideas and best-practice-cases any sports brand can learn from, no matter how small or big it is.

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Peer Hartog

Peer Hartog did marketing communication for brands such as Bench, Cinque, Roy Robson, Gerry Weber, Calida, Blutsgeschwister or Timezone.

His company Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation, which he leads tohether with partner Clemens Gerlach has a strong expertise in fashion/lifestyle brands and also works for industries such as tourism, IT-retail, financial services, photography, media or automotive.

Hartog is a passionate sailor, ex-windsurfer, boxer and snowboarder.