The Age Of The Influencer - Reloaded

The Age Of The Influencer - Reloaded

Influencer Marketing was supposed to supplant legacy advertising. We can witness right now how this plan is going up in flames. To get out of the mess we need a new way of thinking. A new era of cooperation where influencers and brands work together on an equal footing. We have to get back to basics and find a way to make Word Of Mouth scalable.

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Melanie Mohr

CEO of the WOM Protocol

Melanie Mohr is a Berlin-based entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience producing videos. In 2016 she founded YEAY - the leading community for Generation Z to share honest recommendation videos with one another about products and experiences they love. In 2018 she became the founder and CEO of the WOM Protocol, the blockchain company helping brands tap into peer-to-peer recommendations and digital publishers monetize their platforms in a user-friendly way through word-of-mouth content.

Jeremy Lindström

Business Development Strategist WOM Protocol