Digital transformation in the fashion industry

Digital transformation in the fashion industry

In addition to numerous advantages, digitalization also poses some challenges for start-ups. Particularly in the area of fashion and sport, the designers of the label have to deal with the topic of digitization at an early stage. In-house, the focus is on technology, starting with the merchandise management system and ending with analysis and information analysis. How to use digitalization to lead the label to success will be presented by Rafy in this lecture.

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Rafy Ahmed

Rafy Ahmed, a native of Pakistan, grew up in Stuttgart, is founder and the creative head of MOROTAI and has always been a passionate athlete. But his passions are not only fitness, tennis and above all basketball, but also the designing of garments. After successfully completing his fashion studies in Pforzheim, he did not want to choose between sports and fashion, but to pool his talents. From this idea the new innovative sports brand MOROTAI was born.

His vision is to simplify the lives of athletes, to motivate them and to create aesthetically pleasing sportswear. He has combined style, functionality and high quality to technologically optimize athleisure. All MOROTAI garments can be combined with each other, in a timeless design and in a simple color scheme - for the focus on the essentials. Focus on the athlete!