Enhancing the customer shopping experience with RFID

Enhancing the customer shopping experience with RFID

Providing a memorable shopping experience will be the main competitive challenge for retailers. RFID is a key tool for achieving such goal.

People don't buy products. They buy happiness. And they expect to be happy not only when usign products but also when shopping for them. Today it’s less about selling things than it is about the experience of buying them. RFID is a key enabler for creating memorable shopping experiences and for increasing sales.

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Ramir de Porrata-Doria

Ramir De Porrata-Doria is Cofounder and CEO of Keonn, a rapidly growing company that provides the most complete, seamless and advanced solution based on RFID technology to improve the customer shopping experience at retail stores, and to increase the sales of retailers. Previosly he worked at the Ricoh Group as the Director of the Outsourcing Business Unit in Spain, and at EuroPraxis Consulting, a management consulting firm. Ramir is PhD in Electrical Engineering and holds a Graduate in Business Administration and Management.