Flexible and Printed Electronics

Flexible and Printed Electronics

Concepts, strategies and opportunities for the next generation of sporting goods.


Introduction to Flexible and Printed Electronics - Jan Krausmann

Flexible sensors to monitor your performance, improve your training and prevent injuries. Integrated lighting for additional safety or self-heating jackets to increase your well-being. The next generation of sporting goods is enabled by a revolutionary new type of electronics – flexible and printed Electronics.

Screen-Printed Sensors for Sweat Analysis during Exercise - Alicia Zörner

Physiological parameter from sweat can improve the assessment of the body status in sports performance diagnostics. For sweat analysis a screen-printed sensor is developed and the integration with tailored electronics are presented. The sensor deliver information about ammonium levels in sweat to detect overstrain.

Pre-Hab & Re-Hab with Smart Printed Electronics - Tobias Meyer

Protecting one's investment is a key element in each business field. But how to guaranty and optimize the protection of professional sports players? Using Printed Electronics solutions can support in injury prevention and rehabilitation measures to protect the health and fitness of, for example, key football players.

Nanotechnology and Smart Materials enabled Textile Applications - Kevin Rodrigues

Smart textiles have long been seen as the future of wearables, combining high-tech solutions with daily clothing. In fact, wearable trends are driving smart textile evolution towards new sensing/actuating functionalities. Although, there are still challenges to overcome concerning usability and manufacturing processes.

LOPEC 2020 - Printed and Flexible Electronics in Munich - Wolfgang Mildner

LOPEC 2020 is the leading worldwide showcase for applications of printed and flexible electronics MArch, 24-26th in Munich featuring Wearbles, smart textiles and intergrated sensors. 


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Jan Krausmann

Project Manager Roadmap & Working Groups - OE-A

Alicia Zörner

PhD Student - Fraunhofer IISB

Tobias Meyer

System Engineer eHealth & Wearables - IEE S.A.

Kevin Rodrigues

Researcher Smart Materials - Centre of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

Wolfgang Mildner

Wolfgang Mildner is Founder and Owner of MSWtechin Stein/Germany. MSWtech supports companies and other organizations to find value in new technologies – especially printed and flexible electronics. Wolfgang was Managing Director of PolyIC (a leading company for printed electronics) from 2004 –2014. Before, Wolfgang Mildner worked in various business positions for Siemens (New business development, Business responsible for Industrial PC’s, Failsafe PLC’s and other). Wolfgang Mildner was responsible for a number of projects turning promising technologies into business. Wolfgang Mildner studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Erlangen.