The Future of Digital Trends

The Future of Digital Trends

How process changes are needed to change organisations towards the digital world.

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Alexander Otto

Alexander Otto has been communicating on a professional level for quite some time - as an editor, PR manager or blog author for gastronomic, medical and digital topics. As a literary and media scholar, he is already unable not to communicate. Since 2017 he has been doing this passionately as Head of Communications for Tradebyte Software GmbH.

Ryan Mullins

Director Digital Marketing & CRM

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur with 15+ year experience in digital media platforms. He co-founded ready and oolipo, two digital content platforms in Germany. He's currently Director of Future Trends at adidas and CEO and co-founder digital streetwear startup, Aglet. Everything Ryan does pivots around what he calls the Prometheus Principle: democratize tools and technologies to see what people create. Ryan has consulted top brands in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, innovation strategy, business model innovation, mental models and network effects. He's very interested in perfecting the art of Fermi Questions and wants to have lunch with Marc Andreessen.

Thorsten Mühl

Director Digital Marketing & CRM bei The Walt Disney Company

Thorsten Mühl studied Business Administration at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and completed a Master's degree in International Business and Marketing at South Bank University, London. Thorsten held various positions up to Account Director at McCann Worldgroup and focused on digital marketing for automotive customers. 

Thorsten joined The Walt Disney Company GSA in 2012 and is currently responsible for aligning owned, earned and bought tactics and migrating traditional marketing models to a target-group-centric approach. He also manages relationships with leading digital marketing and technology companies to ensure that digitization is at the heart of all marketing activities within the company.