ISPO China Deep Dive Conference 2020

ISPO China Deep Dive Conference 2020

One of the world's fastest growing sports markets is waiting: China. 1.3 billion people with increasing purchasing power are starting to discover sports and outdoor activities. Explore the potential of the Chinese market with the China Deep Dive Conference, part of ISPO Munich.


Welcome speech & introduction ISPO opportunities in China - Ms. Majka Patuzzi & Ms. Karen Dai, ISPO Beijing & ISPO Shanghai

Chinese Sports Consumer Values: 7 values that drive sports fans in China - Mr. Ulrich Köhler, Managing Director Trendbüro

Create the new retail experience for outdoor industry in China - Mr. Steve Huang, Chairman Nanjing B.C. SPORTS PRODUCTS Co., Ltd.

Social commerce in China is the future of retail - Dr. Tu Lam Pham, Social Media & E-Commerce expert

Panel discussion: Distribution strategies in China - Mr. Victor Li (Action Fox), Mr. Joe Eberling (Wild Rampage Sports), Mr. Ray Sun (Sanfo )

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Karen Dai

Group Project Director ISPO Beijing & ISPO Shanghai

Majka Patuzzi

Exhibition Manager ISPO Beijing & ISPO

Ulrich Köhler

Managing Director - Trendbüro

Since 2016, Ulrich Köhler has lead Trendbüro, governing research and innovation projects. He has in-depth experience in consulting organisations from a multitude of industries on the subjects of customer centricity, digitalisation and value change.

Steve Huang

President - BC Sports

Steve Huang founded BC Sports in 2003, which has been the leading company since and represents 9 famous outdoor and ski brands from all over the world. The product line covers from apparel to outdoor gear and ski equipment.

Dr. Teo Pham

Founder - Digital IQ

Dr. Teo Pham is an expert for consumer tech and social media, with a focus on  Generation Z and China. His company Digital IQ provides consulting services and executive education to leading international companies. His daily videos on LinkedIn have received millions of views and he is the host of the "Teo Podcast". As a keynote speaker, he has given presentations in New York, London, Milan, Stockholm and Berlin and was invited to speak at companies like Google, Accenture, Coca-Cola and Walt Disney. Prior to that, he was an e-commerce entrepreneur, a business school professor and worked in media and venture capital.

Joe Eberling

Founder - Wild Rampage - Sport in China

Ray Sun

COO - Beijing Sanfo Outdoor Products Co Ltd

Victor Li

General secretary - Outdoor Industry Committee of China Sporting Goods Federation

President - Shanghai Setino Sportswear Inc.