Lessons learned: Scaling startups 

Lessons learned: Scaling startups 

Speed is crucial for a startup’s growth and survival. But what’s the best way to accelerate a business? Over the last two years, leAD has scouted and accelerated promising early-stage sports startups from around the globe. This talk gives an overview of the challenges of bringing sports tech startups to the next level in less than three months and supporting them after an acceleration program in a global and fast setup.

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Tim Krieglstein

Tim loves making an idea take shape. He has always had a passion for communication and marketing, even starting his first business, an advertising agency at the age of 17. He is an entrepreneur with an impressive international marketing expertise of more than 20 years, paired with strong organizational and management skills. As former Head of Marketing at Red Bull in Europe, he played a key role in driving innovation and cutting-edge projects. Tim is Managing Director at leAD, a global powerhouse for sports tech entrepreneurship and investments.

Nathalie Sonne

After a brief trip into the agency world, Nathalie soon immersed herself in the founders’ scene to live her passion for fast-paced environments and strategy in unfamiliar terrain by working for startups both in the U.S. and Germany. As Head of Program at leAD Sports Accelerator, she gets to combine her personal interest in sports with this diverse experience and leverage it – to help promising early sports startups to grow and succeed.