Profit through personalisation: the Roland retail concept

Profit through personalisation: the Roland retail concept

The trend for customised sports equipment and apparel continues to grow. The move from mass production to mass personalisation across a wide range of products is creating an exciting consumer experience, and represents incredible potential for retailers and brands to increase their profit margins and attract new customers. In this informative and inspirational presentation, discover the possibilities of customisation and how innovations in Roland DG technology are opening up lucrative investment opportunities for all kinds of sports businesses, from manufacturers to retailers.

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Rossella Barbizzi

Based in Italy, Rossella Barbizzi is the Sales Representative for Retail & Foreign Markets at Roland DG Mid Europe. With experience covering digital print, fashion, luxury and travel retail, Rossella has helped organisations across the word achieve sustainable growth.

Roland DG was founded in Japan in 1981 and continues to lead the market in digital printing innovations, constantly developing new solutions for forward-thinking businesses.