Retailers - How to become inspiring in the sporting goods industry

Retailers - How to become inspiring in the sporting goods industry

Customer experience, as the new core business, challenges purchasing processes.
Henceforth, with Sportmas Sports Experience Platform, you will be able to change your role in retail within a new business ecosystem.
We would like to show you how in three easy steps retailers will be able, not only to survive but to progress as a key factor.

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Fermin Davies

Fermin Davies / SPORTMAS Barcelona
Chief Project Officer (CPO) in Digital Transformation and Advisory Board Member in Sportmas since 2016. With 28 years of experience in Business Value Model development, Davies has developed his career in different environments as Healthcare turnkey construction, Interior-graphic-industrial Design, Branding, Architecture & Engineering, Retail, Internet platforms, publishing, International trade, Software companies,... He is a free spirit thinker in business strategies based on a company’s capability, market evolution and customers target, optimizing resources and redefining priorities, stepping outside the comfort zone to change the approach to leading specific target markets.

Alexander Cucurull

Master in International Business, Post Graduate in Business Administration and Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. More than 16 years working in Multinationals (PepsiCo, Nike, Umbro)  leading -in both the Sport and Consumer products industry- Commercial and Marketing departments: Sales, Marketing, Sports Marketing and Communication.