Smart Textiles and Printed Electronics

Smart Textiles and Printed Electronics



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Robert Lindner

Robert Lindner started working in the field of organic electronics in 2011. During his PhD studies at the University of Mainz, his research was focused on novel coatings for electronic applications. After being responsible for the management of various international R&D projects in the plastics processing industry, he joined the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association), a working group within VDMA, and is responsible for the OE-A roadmap for organic and printed electronics and coordination of the working groups.

José Gonçalves

José Gonçalves - Background on physics and materials science. Since 2012 is working as a Project Manager and Researcher at CeNTI in several industries driven projects, related to different areas such as smart materials and processing and characterization of materials for energy generation related applications. 
Currently works manly with the development of new technologies and products with printed and integrated electronics and smart functionalities for the textile industry, construction and automotive sectors. He has published many several articles in international journals including several patents in this field of application.


Srijanani Bhaskar

Dr. Srijanani Bhaskar is Business Development Manager, DuPont Intexar(TM) for Americas, Europe Middle East and Africa. In her current role, Srijanani has responsibity for growing Intexar(TM) for fitness, heating and health applications. Srijanani has a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, followed by M.S. and Ph D degrees in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Srijanani lives in the wonderful Philadelphia area and enjoys creating henna art in her spare time. 

Ranil Vitarana

Mr. Ranil Vitarana is the group Chief Innovation Officer of MAS Holdings. As CIO of the group, he is responsible of MAS' Innovation and Technology strategy and leads diversification of MAS into new adjacencies. Ranil holds a bachelor of engineering degree from Imperial College London, in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, an executive education from Singularity University, USA. He is a member of numerous boards and holds several patents under his portfolio. Ranil combines his strong technical background and intrinsic entrepreneurial mindset, to create capital knowledge that connects the dots between b2b customer requirements and end consumer needs through diverse new business models and first to market products. Fueled by his passion to differentiate and to capture value in the market place by harnessing people's creativity and elevating lives through technology solutions, Ranil believes in not just creating the next 10% growth but creating 10x over. 

Peter Demopoulos

Peter is a Sport Scientist working with RealTrack Systems. Prior to joining RealTrack, Peter was a lecturer in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK. In addition, Peter has experience working as a Performance Analyst alongside the Technical Director of a Category 1 Football Academy in the UK. Peter graduated with a BSc in Business Administration from Deree College, Athens Greece and with a BSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Science from Edge Hill University, UK. He completed a PhD in Sport Science from the same institution. His doctoral thesis examined optimizing the use of GPS technology to quantify biomechanical load in elite level football. Peter's research interests include: GPS metrics with reference to playing position in football, analysis of training and match performance data, and acceleration profiles of players.