Sustainability 101

Sustainability 101

Everybody is talking about sustainability, but it is not always obvious what it means and how it influences everything we do. - Michael Schragger from the SFA is here to help and to give an overview of the most important factors.

In this webinar, Michael will present the importance of sustainability for any business. What are the most crucial aspects of a sustainable business approach and how can businesses benefit from it? And what are the key challenges when implementing sustainability within your organisation?

He will also present the latest trends and talk about how the developments of the past few years have shaped the influence of sustainability more clearly.

All you ever wanted to know about the sustainability basics for your business - in just a few minutes!

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Michael Schragger

CEO, The Sustainable Fashion Academy and Chair, The Global Leadership Award In Sustainable Apparel (GLASA)

Michael has been working at the forefront of sustainability and business since 1996, both as an entrepreneur, adviser and activist. Today he provides strategic and tactical advice to apparel companies, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations on sustainability strategy,governance, management and communication.

He has also trained thousands of apparel professionals in the principles and practice of sustainability.

He is the founder and CEO of The Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA). SFA equips change agents working at different levels within the industry with the knowledge and tools they need to develop and implement sustainable solutions. SFA supports large multinational companies, leading outdoor brands and innovative start-ups with advice, education and training

Furthermore he is also the Chair of The Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel (GLASA).

GLASA aims to inspire bolder and courageous leadership in the apparel sector and mobilize key stakeholders around promising ideas and practices that will help to transform the apparel sector. GLASA recently focused its attention on how the apparel sector contributes to and is impacted by the emerging water crisis.

GLASA’s 2015 State of the Apparel Sector Special Report on Water outlines the key challenges and describes what they mean for the apparel industry, and what practices -technological, financial, policy, advocacy and collaborative - are currently underway to reduce the water footprint of apparel and textiles. You can access the report at

Michael is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Sweden and has lived in Stockholm since 2001.