The transforming Sports Goods Market defined by the Consumer
- Comprehensive Management Summary -

The sporting goods market is up against a variety of challenges. The industry is on the hunt for new catalysts of growth, while at the same time the perception of the traditional sports sectors is changing rapidly among consumers. The ever-tightening grip that digitalization has on society triggers interesting phenomena across many sports related fields. Furthermore, the robust presence of the topic of sustainability in the media only worsens the waning sense of security that the industry and consumers alike are sometimes troubled by. The practice of playing sports as well as the accompanying consumption of sporting goods is changing and the already high expectations of the consumer are becoming even more complex.

ISPO and Konzept & Markt have made it their goal to provide direction and improve transparency in order to overcome these massive challenges and ease tensions, but also to draw attention to opportunities and potential. The sporting goods market has been intently studied and redefined from the perspective of the consumer as part of a comprehensive and representative study.

In this detailed management report, Dr. Ottmar Franzen explains the results of numerous core points of the representative study, in particular the segmentation of sports from the consumers` perspective, the typology of sports goods consumers, as well as the influence that sustainability, fashion and the type of store have on the purchasing decision. In addition, the brand profiles of selected sporting goods brands, which were produced in the study for a total of 111 brands, are discussed.

German with English subtitles

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Dr. Ottmar Franzen
Dr. Ottmar Franzen

Dr. Ottmar Franzen has been Managing Partner of Konzept & Markt GmbH since 1996. Graduated as a Diplom-Kaufmann in 1986. After his doctorate at the University of Göttingen, he joined the LINK Institute in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1990. After that, he was Head of Customized Consumer Research at Nielsen, Frankfurt.

Market researcher BVM, BDU company consultant

Co-founder of the Brand Valuation Forum

Deputy Chairman in the DIN-ISO Standardization Committee "Monetary Brand Value Measurement"

Long-standing lecturer at the Rhein-Main University of Applied Sciences and the Mainz University of Applied Sciences


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