Sensory Retail Profiling

Point of Senses (POSe) - 5 Senses and Digitalization in Retail

Combining innovative and intelligent the clients perception with digital contents
is a key value for future Retail. Out of the clients perceptive view Markus

Eckhardt (Sensory Retail and Product Profiler, me+ Akademie und Agentur
GmbH) speaks about profiling Retailer and Brands for a sensory future.

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Markus Eckhardt
Markus Eckhardt

With a university degree in psychology of learning, motivation and perception
Markus Eckhardt has a longterm management and leadership expertise. He has
written a main work about how to prevent customer loss (Drop-out). Besides, he is
sports scientist with an empiric work intensely dealt with motivational aspects of the
generations X and Y.
Over 20 years he was International Sales Executive for international Brands. With his
own Swiss based Academy Markus Eckhardt works on the sensory future of Retail,
Products and Brands.


  Sensory Retail Profiling
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